About Us

We are

  • a non-commercial, non-governmental organization (NGO)
  • a think tank for alternatives to the present economic and financial system
  • a free group of idealistic people
  • not part of and not connected to any parties

Our objective is the balance between nature, mankind, democracy and economy.

Our solutions fulfill all 3 basics of economic/political ideas and programs:

  1. They can solve the problems they address.
  2. They are realizable (easy and fast).
  3. They have a majority appeal to win elections with it.

The Council

In alphabetical order:

Simone Belger (animal rights)
Joerg Gastmann (speaker, press contact)
Gilla Hangebrauk (social media)
Roland Kahl (unions)
Ludger Kloepper (figures and calculations)
Hajo Selzer (entrepreneurs)
Frank Streit (craft)
Udo Tschorn (artists)
Dirk Westerheide (events)
Peter Wittfeld (health and health system)
Nicole Christine Zender (administration)

economy4mankind council

Left to right: Ludger Kloepper, Joerg Gastmann, Peter Wittfeld, Roland Kahl, Dirk Westerheide

email: council (at) economy4mankind.org


Most of us live in Germany, which gives us a really good insight on how this country is an economical and political failure – in contrast to the role model image Germany has in the mass media. Our headquarter is near Cologne, Germany.

Join us!

Currently (February 2015) we have about 230 supporters. Join us and participate, no matter in which country you live! It’s all free. There are no memberships you have to pay for.