The most modern alternative economic system

modernstes bestes alternatives wirtschaftssystem

What are the characteristics of the most modern and best (alternative) economic system? It has to benefit all people. Otherwise, the systemic wealth flow from lower and middle class to the upper class (more precisely, from consumers to capital owners) continues until the sysetm crashes. The world urgently needs an alternative economic and political system. The only question is: Which one?

economy4mankind offers a problem-solving and realizable alternative economic system with majority appeal. It is the most modern economic system because it does not just turn screws that have not worked in the past. We offer completely new solutions.

Any attempt of communism inevitably fails. Capitalism fails more slowly, but inevitably through its mechanisms. Unless you’re taming capitalism – and that’s exactly what we can do.

A cleverly regulated economy is the best way to transform the egoism of individuals into wealth for all. Our “Economic Balance System” (EBS) transforms the self-interest of individuals into a common benefit for society. The key is “motivation”.

With the EBS, we can achieve a balance between nature, mankind, democracy and the economy that was previously impossible. Markets work almost always and everywhere – mostly in the wrong way and with bad results. We use the markets so that they serve the interests of the people, nature and democracy. For example, having enough well-paid employees in the country of sales becomes a prerequisite for great business.

In a win-win-win situation, entrepreneurs, employees (or retirees, basic income recipients) and the state will win – instead of fighting each other as today.

This is the alternative for those who want a move to the best possible future. The catch: It’s not too simple and sounds too good to be true.

Please note that the English version of this website is under construction. Our very comprehensive German website explains all the details.

Automation and artificial intelligence

Evere economic system has to fail, as long as it doesn’t solve the main causes of unemployment and low wages:

  1. Cost reductions for maximum profits
  2. Automation, robots, software, artificial intelligence
  3. Eternal increase of productivity
  4. Global competition for the lowest wages, the highest profits and the highest productivity
  5. Mismatch between employer’s demands and the capabilities of humans

With the “Labor market Balance System” we can solve these problems.

Unemployemt by automation