„You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.“ (Eldridge Cleaver)

„As soon as you say „I don’t care” you may reckon that the nation is doomed.“ (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

„The man who moved a mountain is the same who carried away small stones.” (Confucius)

If you don’t participate actively in decisions, decisions will be made for you. What can you do to make economy4mankind (e4m) reality and improve your life?

  1. Advertise by word-of-mouth. Tell everyone you know about economy4mankind and invite them to this Website.
  2. Write to bloggers, forums, newspapers, tv magazines, etc. with the information that with economy4mankind there is a solution for unemployment, poverty, financial speculations, health system etc.
  3. Suggest our solutions as topics in the political party you like.
  4. If you owe a website, please set a link to www.economy4mankind.org. A noticeable place on the start page would be great.
  5. Distribute our flyers (coming soon) to your friends and acquaintances.
  6. Send an email with the subject „newsletter“ to newsletter (at) economy4mankind (dot) org to be informed about the latest developments/news.
  7. Join our Facebook group (coming soon), ask questions and discuss with us.
  8. Mail us your ideas and research results for political subjects.
  9. Send us copyright free photos with the permission to use them on our homepage.
  10. Join our meetings and presentations.
  11. Found or support local e4m-groups in your countries and regions.